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Bernd Rinser – CDs

Got You

1.  Luck
2.  Bible Belt
3.  Got You
4.  Guardian Angel
5.  If
6.  Blue Around Midnight
7.  Eyes Cold as Ice
8.  The Chapel
9.  Goodbye Drab Days

Uwe Knüppel: upright bass; electric bass 2,7 and bowed bass 5
Sebastian Schwarzenberger: spanish guitar; electric guitar; electric slide guitars
Bernd Rinser: vocals; acoustic guitars; dobro, harmonicas, production, composition, arrangements

Guest: Mike Kullack: percussions, drums, recording, mix, mastering

Southern Swamp Impressions

1.  Callin You
2.  Struck by Love
3.  Hangin on Your Hook
4.  Turn off the Tape
5.  Nothing but
6.  Management Blues
7.  Love is
8.  To Learn the Ways of Love
9.  Backbone
10. Wolfwoman
11. Never Forget
12. Walking under a Crescent Moon

Uwe Knüppel: upright bass all tracks Jim Klopfenstein: bowed upright bass 11
Sebastian Schwarzenberger: electric guitar 4; dobro 7,8,12
Thomas Klees: electric slide guitar 7; electric guitar 8
Christoph Slidin John: dobro 3,11 Rainer Wöffler: dobro 6
Uli Oechsner: mandoline 4; pedal steel guitar 5
Mike Kullack: washboard 7,10; percussions 3,4; recording, mix, mastering
Bernd Rinser: vocals, acc. guitars, harmonicas, lap steel 3; drums 1;
production, composition, arrangements

Peace Of Mind

1.  Cross Tie Jump
2.  320 Miles
3.  It Ain´t Me
4.  In The Everglade Of My Heart
5.  Shape Up 
6.  Missin´ One
7.  That`s No Way To Say Goodbye
8.  Gonna Knock On Your Door Again
9.  Peace Of Mind 
10. Almost Silent
11. A Tear In My Beer
12. Gonna Have A Hard Time

Uwe Knüppel: upright bass
Sebastian Schwarzenberger: electric guitars, dobro, acc. guitar soli
Bernd Rinser: vocals, acc. guitars, harmonicas, percussions, production, composition, arrangements

Guests: Uli Oechsner: mandoline, lap-steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo
Mike Kullack: percussions, drums,
kettledrums, recording, mix, mastering

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